Top Reliable And Trusted Licensed Money Lender Singapore

Top Reliable And Trusted Licensed Money Lender Singapore


If you borrowed money to someone or lent money from someone, The Money Lender will help to collect or pay in time by showing you the last pay date and pending amount. Money is no longer the first problem in such a situation as we offer you sensible rates and generous offers. What borrowers are not informed is that under the new rules, the aggregated Money Lender monthly interest and default interest payable is only 8 per cent per month, plus a late charge fee of S$60.

Have in mind that taking money from unlicensed moneylender could be dangerous and could cost you more money; no matter he probably has offered you a lower interest rate than the licensed money lender. Singapore is a top working destination for foreigners wishing to work in one of the world’s largest financial hubs.

We are a private lender that provides loan programs for both residential (non-owner occupied) and commercial properties in Colorado. The Money Lender in Singapore that you use will determine the quality of services that you get and ultimately the experience that you have.

I definitely recommend GM over other lenders as they are way more professional with their service. In India, for example, they need to be registered and are governed by Money Lenders Acts in different states. He declines to be identified, adding that the community of licensed moneylenders is struggling with the 4 per cent cap.

It is, therefore, relatively common for a hard money lender to set up a payment schedule for completed work. Mr Millington added that Daord, of Hampton Chase, Prenton, denied being an illegal money lender saying he did lend out cash to friends but did not charge and sometimes didn’t even get his money back.


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